The intent of the program is to help adolescent youth develop positive skills & attitudes through education and hard work.  Lade Majic combines her skills as a youth counselor with her talents as a professional athlete/entertainer to share her message of living large by staying in school, setting goals, and striving for positive achievement. 

Her message is simple and straight -forward. Lade Majic uses the basketball to illustrate and reinforce these points: students must concentrate on school, not be afraid to ask for help, say no to drugs and other negative influences, and realize that each one of them has the ability to be a winner in life!

Lade Majic uses her wisdom as an educator to instill in our youth positivity, determination, self-control, respect and self-confidence.

My occupation requires me to constantly be in contact with troubled youth in our society. It is my contention that a program such as this proves itself to be necessary, beneficial and very rewarding.