Bahari Records hosted a community event in conjunction with St. Paul’s Community Baptist Church located in Brooklyn, NY. The event was a special treat to expose young children (ages 6-13 years old) to successful people in their communities and to provide a positive experience that the young people today can reminisce upon and build upon in their futures.

The event turned out to be quite a “hit” for all the kids who were lucky enough to have attended. In fact, when the children returned to their classrooms after the presentation, many of the children were asked what they learned from the presentation and it was quite extraordinary to hear the messages they retained. Her messages about the ill effects of drugs, the importance of education and the motivational message to strive to be your best were the most memorable message that the children recited.

It was a pleasure to witness as an “outsider” of the youthful audience, the enthusiasm of the children who waited patiently to meet their new mentor who took the time to give each child an autograph and a word of encouragement. I’m assured each child left the event with a renewed sense of optimism and I would encourage all organizations to seek the services of “The Queen of Show Basketball” Lade Majic.