Lade Majic has figured out a way to reach out to our youth from all walks of life. We are all constantly trying to find ways to reach out to our kids, but sometimes they just shut us out.  Lade Majic has the magic touch when it comes to children.  They esteem and respect her instantly. 

My eldest daughter, who is now 12, decided to join the basketball program at her school.  She recognized immediately that the coach was not teaching correct techniques.  She wouldn’t have had a clue about technique if it weren’t for the No F.E.A.R. basketball camp and Lade Majic.  I called Lade Majic and told her about the atrocious teaching that was occurring and asked her for some advice.  She offered to come in and teach the kids for a full session free of charge.  Lade Majic came to my children’s school and told these students about her life and how she had to work hard for everything that she has.   She let them know that things may not come easy, but anything good is worth the work.  She inspired them to push toward their goals and to never give up.  Then, she taught them the skills and techniques of her art, basketball.  It was an unforgettable event for these young ladies and very much appreciated by the school staff and parents.