Kid’s Take

Rafael – 13

I’ve been coming to this camp for 5 years and it’s taught me more than just basketball. I’m learning how to listen  and be more honest so people can trust me.

Alexsys – 12

I learned how to believe in myself and push myself to do things I never thought I could do.

Luis Carlos – 18

In the past, my goal was to become a better player but in the end, I received a lot more. Coach Lade Majic taught me to be more respectful, responsible and always motivated me. Now as a Volunteer Coach, I am learning how to be a leader and more patient person. I really enjoy seeing all the students grow and work really hard. This motivates me to always pass on the precious blessings which have been passed on to me.

Cassandra – 18

I’ve already learned how important patience is when coaching. I’m learning how to keep virtues such as patience outside the court and make it part of an everyday lifestyle.

Elias – 10

On my first day of basketball, I learned how to use manners and I learned to have discipline and have fun in a fun sport.

Jaden – 9

I learned how to dribble with my left hand and how bad drugs are.

Tekel – 14

What I learned with Coach Lade Majic is form shooting and to be obedient and listen.

Gabriel – 13

I learned something new every day. I learned obedience in this camp and it’s turning out pretty good at home.

Derica – 11

I learned how to dribble left handed and to take on more responsibility because my mom started school and I want to help out.


I learned it’s important to pay attention and have fun. I also learned to dribble two basketballs.

Ethan – 15

I learned to communicate better on the court.

Mike – 11

I learned that if you believe you can do it, you can do it.

Anahi – 8

What I learned to do is play defense and to always try to stay down.

Tanaira – 9

I learned that perfect practice makes perfect.

Gage – 20

I’m want to be someone that all these kids look up to; not only in camp but if they see me somewhere or in 10 years and just say that I helped them in some way.

Te’Kel – 14

What I learned with Coach Lade Majic is form shooting and to be obedient and listen.

Israel – 12

I learned that winning is when you try your best.

Rheissom – 9

I learned how to dribble with my left hand and to shoot properly.

Nate – 12

I learned to never let myself get down and I listened and did what I was asked to do. I tried to give 100% every day. I listened to my coaches and also after camp, I go home and listen to my parents and help my grandparents with anything they need.

Andy – 10

I learned how to follow directions and play basketball.

Dominique – 14

I learned how to be a leader and to work hard every day at whatever I do.

Christian – 13

We come here because we want to get better. It is also a good program to keep us busy and active during the summer. This program teaches us skills and helps us get better at the sport.

Kaylei – 14

I enjoyed learning basketball and enjoyed the discipline.When I am at camp, I give 100%, not 110% because  like Coach Lade Majic says, we only have 100% so give your 100% every day.

Allyson – 9

I have learned to do defense better.

Taibrie – 14

I’ve been coming every day and I have been getting better on shooting, passing and dribbling (still working on my left hand though) and I think it has improved a lot and I’m proud of myself. Communication is the key to success and I haven’t said, “I Can’t.”