No F.E.A.R. Inc. has partnered up with UNIFACO Inc. Foundation in a combined effort to help bring relief and support in Haiti by providing medical, recreational and agricultural education to the region. There is unity in community. No F.E.A.R. Inc. is proud to launch it’s first ever Basketball Camp in Haiti in the Summer of 2017.
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No F.EA.R. Camp is designed to be a Basic Instructional Basketball Learning Experience for all players. Our goal is to provide a summer camp that focuses on developing youth interest in basketball through a two-week long youth camp. The camp curriculum will concentrate on safety, proper use of equipment and the fundamentals of basketball through instruction, hands-on experience and a competitive environment for each participant to perform.  In addition, we will prepare staff/volunteers from Haiti to increase their knowledge of basketball and give them some coaching fundamentals to better basketball in the region.

 The No F.EA.R. Camp will provide an opportunity for young athletes between 9-13 years old who do not have the funds or facilities in which to play and learn basketball. Each player will receive basketball development and etiquette training in addition to clothing, uniforms, ball equipment and all personal needs. Our goal is to start everyone on equal footing, supplying each with the exact same items.  Each camp will be available for approximately 50 children.  Plans are being developed to make certain that all participants have access to fresh drinking water and transportation to and from the facility. Our goal is to have every child sponsored by an outside source. This will enable each to attend without any fees. Our current calculation for each child to be sponsored is $1000.00. Contributions can be made in lump sum or in small donations to be accumulated for one child.  The child must apply for a sponsorship. The granting of the sponsorship will be based on need, background, and desire to play ball. A donation can be made for a specific child as long as the child is within the guidelines. The specific guidelines have not yet been determined, however, we have started lists of services and items needed to complete this project. All deadlines will depend on donations and grants received.